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Fuel Quality and Assurance 7

Fuel Quality and Assurance

Bowser Operation 1

Bowser Operation

Supply Fuel

Sales of Fuel Accessories

Tanks and Barge Fabrication

Technical & After Sale Support

Preventive Maintenance

Fuel Consultancy Service

Express Delivery of Fuel Resort and Project

Express Delivery of Fuel Local Islands

Catering of Fuel and Logistics Service to Various Industries

Yacht and International Shipping Services

Fuel Terminal Delivery and Inter Atoll Storage Facilities

International Fuel Bunkering Service

Fuel Consultancy and EPC

Our products and services are solely focused on fuel industry and we not only sell fuel but rather offer various fuel related services aswell.

  • Marine Diesel Oil (MGO)
  • Petrol
  • Lubricants
  • Manufacturing, Fabrication of Fuel Barges and Tanks
  • Fuel Management Softwares
  • Tanks cleaning and slug removal